Our services:

Individual sessions in:

- Rehabilitation of language and speech disorders.

- Individual sessions in special education.

- Behavior modification.

- Psychoeducational evaluation.

We have counseling, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment services for all communication disorders and for all ages as follows:

- Hearing-linguistic rehabilitation before and after cochlear implantation

- Hearing-linguistic rehabilitation for users of hearing aids

- Linguistic, speech and communication delay in children

- Speech and language delay due to developmental disorders / autism

- Language delay resulting from behavioral disorders

- Dealing with language problems in cases of difficulty reading

- Communication disorders (elective silence)

- Treatment of stuttering and difficulty speaking fluency

- Disturbances of articulation of organic and functional sounds and reduced conceptualization of articulation and speech

- Rehabilitation of the problems of discrimination, perception and understanding of the hearing impaired

- Delayed growth and language development milestones in children

- Practical language disorders (nonverbal communication skills such as eye contact, shared attention, imaginative and symbolic play, and understanding symbolic speech)

- Rehabilitation of communication disorders of nervous origin (verbal aphasia caused by brain injury (stroke - dysarthria - dysarthria)

- Rehabilitation of the acoustic resonance produced after cleft palate operations - cleft lip

- Voice and ringing disorders (hoarseness - weakness - loss)

Other center services:

- Provide counseling and awareness of hearing and communication disorders

- Consultation and curative visits to nurseries, kindergartens and schools

- Communicate with doctors and professionals with specializations related to other areas of rehabilitation

- Therapy sessions in Arabic and English

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