About Our Centre

Tawasul Center is the leading rehabilitation and treatment center in Dubai, which was established in November 2013 and provides diagnostic and rehabilitation services for all speech and language disorders and auditory verbal rehabilitation in children and adults. The idea of ​​naming came from a humanitarian standpoint to communicate with the category of people of determination by providing programs specifically designed to meet their linguistic needs. And auditory, communicative and behavioral.

The center is licensed and recognized in the UAE, under the supervision of consultants and a qualified team of specialists who have extensive experience in the field of various rehabilitation, and it provides its services for all groups and ages.

Our Mission:

One of our priorities is to provide the latest methods of treatment, improve social life, specialized rehabilitation, and provide awareness and family support to meet the linguistic, audio and communication skills of clients and people of determination.

Our vision:

To be pioneering and distinguished in providing treatment and rehabilitation services with specialists with experience and competence in the field of speech and hearing disorders, special education, increasing community awareness and gaining its confidence.

Our goals:

- We depend on providing exceptional service to provide high-quality services and we strive to achieve high-quality standards in our center

- We provide our services to all children and adults and continuous support for their families in the community

- Awareness, education and training for parents of children and adults and conduct school visits to assess language and behavioral needs to contribute to enhancing their potential for progress and success at home and at school

- Creating new ideas and using modern technology and methods to improve and develop our rehabilitation services and in the field of special education

Our services:

Individual sessions in:

- Rehabilitation of language and speech disorders.

- Individual sessions in special education.

- Behavior modification.

- Psychoeducational evaluation.

We have counseling, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment services for all communication disorders as follows:

- Hearing-linguistic rehabilitation before and after cochlear implantation

- Hearing-linguistic rehabilitation for users of hearing aids

- Linguistic, speech and communication delay in children

- Speech and language delay due to developmental disorders / autism

- Language delay resulting from behavioral disorders

- Dealing with language problems in cases of difficulty reading

- Communication disorders (elective silence)

- Treatment of stuttering and difficulty speaking fluency

- Disturbances of articulation of organic and functional sounds and reduced conceptualization of articulation and speech

- Rehabilitation of the problems of discrimination, perception and understanding of the hearing impaired

- Delayed growth and language development milestones in children

- Practical language disorders (nonverbal communication skills such as eye contact, shared attention, imaginative and symbolic play, and understanding symbolic speech)

- Rehabilitation of communication disorders of nervous origin (verbal aphasia caused by brain injury (stroke - dysarthria - dysarthria)

- Rehabilitation of the acoustic resonance produced after cleft palate operations - cleft lip

- Voice and ringing disorders (hoarseness - weakness - loss)


1- All categories of hearing, speech, language and communication disorders

2- Autism category

3- The behavioral disorders category

4- The category of mental disability

5- Class of syndromes

6- Cerebral palsy category

7- Developmental delay category

8- Hearing impairment category

9- Multiple disabilities category

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